Fantastic Beasts Camp (Ages 6-8)

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Monday July 22

8:30 AM  –  3:00 PM

Fantastic Beasts Camp (Ages 6-8)

It is time to discover what creatures lie deep in the Forest and what lies deep within you.  Will you be sorted as an adventurous Thunderbird, a healing Puckwudgie, a Wampus cat warrior, or a Horned serpent scholar? What secrets will you discover and write about as we work together to create a Field Guide to the Fantastic Beasts of Fontenelle Forest?  This magical adventure will be filled with hiking to catch a glimpse of a blue-tongued skink, staking out the oak savannas in search of serpents, and roaming the Oak Savanna for signs of the elusive Bigfoot.

This is a full week camp: July 22-26

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